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E-Cig merchant accounts for all online e-cigarette and retal stores selling  electronic cigarettes, smoking accessories and smoke supplies vape products, who otherwise do not qualify for traditional credit card processing with their bank. We have several solutions including pos systems for smoke shops, free placement verifone or dejavoo credit card processing machines to diversify your payment methods. Our staff   is standing by.

Have you managed to find a favourable merchant account for your head shop 420 supplies cannabis cbd friendly retail business?

In the world of business today a merchant account can help gain larger levels of capital due to businesses being able to accept payments in a variety of different ways. With banks constantly seeming to hold transactions and therefore delaying payments businesses of all levels are largely left out of pocket. Whether you have a large or small level company in smoke cannabis supplies friendly bongs hookahs head shop retail a merchant account can ensure you are getting paid for the work that you complete.

Online merchants not only help with your cards being properly processed by highly trained professionals but they also ensure that banks do not let consumers gain access to their terminal for processing payments and will therefore not impact your business. When individuals often think about merchant accounts they wrongly think of factors such as high application fees and higher rates, however there are certain dedicated smoke cannabis supplies friendly bongs hookahs cbd retailer merchant account providers that will provide the highest of service and will not break the bank in the process.

What distinguishes us from our competitors?

  • Free set up process

  • Free Credit Card Machine Placement at Your Store

  • Impeccable customer service

  • 100% support throughout your application process

  • Competitive and low fees

Why pick our services?

A high percentage of businesses who work in smoke cannabis supplies friendly bongs hookahs cbd retailer can be seen as small business owners who are constantly ignored by companies when needing some assistance or financial support. However, we believe that every business should be treated the same and offer small businesses the opportunity to get to the next level by providing a service that will make them more accessible to customers.

Many transactions in the world of retail are made in cash but in a world that seems to be becoming increasingly more reliant on technology the need for credit card payments is becoming more prominent. By being able to take payments digitally you are opening up your business to more chances of gaining revenue through online marketing streams such as websites. Furthermore, some companies in the online merchant business can often appear to be cheap at the start due to hiding fees from the customer until they are about to make the payment. This is something we totally disagree with and can guarantee that through the use of a transparent pricing system all fees will be made apparent to the consumer at every stage of the purchase.

There is also an easy online application process that allows you to apply with us within seconds. The application runs through our terms and conditions and explain exactly what you are paying for before you purchase.

How can having a merchant account help my business grow?

If you are a small business or a start-up having the ability to be able to charge for your services via online payments opens up many possibilities. By simply opting to purchase a merchant account your company can see exponential growth in a matter of weeks. Credit cards are highly recommended to have when in business as they can give you the option to bill your customers in ways you have never done before. For example, if you have a customer who is purchasing the exact same service each month you can create a recurring payment plan with them which will allow you to gain a direct debit of the same amount each month and will mean you will no longer have to chase clients for cash payments.

Also credit cards allow you to buy inventory and then pay it back at a percentage based rate which is pivotal for small businesses as they may not have the large levels of capital to invest all at once. The competitive rate and unparalleled service that we offer will ensure that your company has the best chance of achieving its true potential.

How do we bill our customers?

Rightly, this is one of the most prominent questions asked by businesses when inquiring about the services that we offer as a positive cash flow is key to the success of any business. The rates that we offer tend to vary on the different terminals as the invested risk needs to be closely analysed when we are meticulously reading your application. The plan will be customized to your business and our dedicated sales team will make sure that you understand what you are paying for before anything is signed or any payment has been taken. We are pleased to offer no set-up fees to our customers and use the notion of recurring payments which is beneficial for both parties as we both know the payment will fall on the same day each month.

Why are we different to other businesses in this field?

One of the main reasons why we are different to our competitors is because we can often offer competitive rates that others cannot simply afford due to our creative pricing structure. We also maintain the highest standard of customer service and make sure each staff member gains the right training and therefore is able to answer any questions you may have about the service which is vital as some companies may be using online payments for the first time and will inevitably have many questions.

Purchasing our services as never been easier with consumers now being able to purchase our services through an application that can be found on most mobile phone devices. As well as this our terminals are secure and safe and will maintain that any payments you receive or send out will be looked after with the highest of care.

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